Overview of this phase

Phase one will be the creation of the homepage. We will create a static image of the homepage and send it to you for approval. In this phase we hope to create the general style of art and orginization of the site that will be used to create the rest of the site.

What we will need from you 

  • All of the content for the homepage including all text,  images, video and other media that you would like on the homepage.
  • Your logo files


Phase two will be coding of the homepage and creation of the pages in the main navigation.

What we will need to complete this  

  • All of the content for the main navigation pages including all text, images, video and other media that you would like on these pages.


Phase three will be making the site cross browser compatible, adding mobile and tablet responsiveness and debugging.


Phase four will be the launch of the site. During this phase prepare the site on the final server and point the domain.

What we will need to complete this  

  • Login information for the domain registrar
  • Access to the server
  • Email configuration settings if there are emails linked to the domain

Approval Of Designs 

We will need to identify all people involved in making a final decision about the website. This person or group of people will need to coordinate to approve or disapprove and provide feedback for each phase. It’s very important that everyone involved in the decision making process reviews designs in detail. Asking for changes of previous designs after they have been approved could create extra work which may be billable.


During the design process, designs should be viewed in google chrome with the screen dimensions of 1280 by 800. If you are not on a computer with these dimensions, you can drag your browser window to be about 13 inches wide and 8 inches tall. Please also be sure that your zoom is set to 100%.