This Is How You Win Your Market

Our company aligns with clients that intend be first in their market. We provide a rare level of excellence in the digital marketing space by offering executive level strategy coupled with expert services.  

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Our Process

1. Big Picture

Success exists only in the presence of winning strategies. Our north star is making you first in your industry, and we do it with data driven strategy. 

2. Agile Development

Your brand is only as good as the last experience your audience had with it. We shape those experiences with attention to detail.

3. Refine

The most important work begins after we create something great – when we can begin collecting and analyzing data to understand and improve ROI. 

4. Long Term Growth

Its impossible to overstate the power of executing the right work with consistency. We help our clients build empires, one day at a time. 

Featured Work

Website Redesign

National Association Of Veterans And Families

NAVF is working to solve some of the most difficult challenges our veterans face, taking part in helping America repay its debt to our nations hero’s. We were proud to be a part of their efforts by helping reshape their digital experience.   

Digital Marketing

Ricks Motorsport Electrics

Ricks Motorsports Electrics has reshaped the motor sports industry with the ingenuity of their game changing after market solutions. We’ve had the pleasure of joining them for the ride, providing cutting edge deliverables in the areas of SEO, PPC, email marketing and more.   

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Founder & CEO

Stephen Krain


Stephen possess a rare mixture of technical and executive experience, offering the unique ability to create strategies and direct the execution of digital assets and campaigns.

His career began as a web developer, advancing to the highest tier in the worlds largest web development firm, before becoming the Digital Marketing Directory for Florida’s second largest real estate company and then as Creative Director for The PCR Agency.

Stephen founded KrainDM in 2014 with the mission of providing the cutting edge digital marketing that would build the next generation of regional market leaders.