Search Engine Optimization Proposal

– Analysis –

From analyzing the web presence for, we can report the following findings:

Findings: The site’s domain authority (as measured by MOZ) is 12 while the domain authority for those sites ranking on the first page for keywords relating to this industry fall between 18 and 30. 

Recommendation:  Execute a robust ongoing link building strategy focused on creating a diverse backlink profile including high authority links

– Recommended Scope –


Keyword Research

Using industry leading software we analyze search query data for keywords that we can generate the greatest amount of traffic with, and which have the highest likelihood to convert.


Content and Meta-Data

We will increase the amount of content on important landing pages and update the site’s meta-data structure for optimal indexing. 


Competitive Analysis

We will run ongoing competitive analysis to compare your backlink profile,  content and other SEO factors against those of your competitors. Understanding competitors ranking power is vital to executing a strategy that will allow us to out-rank them. 

Backlink Campaign

A site’s backlink portfolio is the most important aspect to its ability to rank organically in search engines and, while the quantity of external websites pointing to a given site does factor into the SEO benefit garnered, more important are both the quality and relevancy of those sites. To that end, we develop custom link building and link earning campaign designed to expand your backlink profile, finding high-quality and relevant sites that send strong trust and authority signals to Google.


We deliver comprehensive reports which benchmark our progress and ensure that our work dovetails with the company’s larger goals and initiatives. Our reports include: keyword rankings, traffic trends, usability trends and other key aspects of your website and digital marketing.    


Our Expectation is that with the strategy outlined in this document, will be able to achieve first page results for competitive keywords yielding increased traffic and leads within three to six months.


Corrocoat will be responsible for generating up to 2500 words of content each month as directed by the KrainDM team.


We recommend a budget of between $600 and $800 per month to execute this strategy. The price along this scale would effect our volume of work per month, potentially resulting in a faster return on investment at the higher end of the scale. 

Measuring Our Performance

Primary Performance Indicators


We will install a complex, in depth tracking system which will measure form submissions, calls and other user actions. 

Website Traffic

Using analytics we will analyze traffic and engagament to understand which work is most effective.

Search Engine Rankings

We will track Google rankings and compare benchmarks each month.